Jacob Waites

I design, prototype, and build brands and interactions full of expressive type, fun motion, bold colors, and minimal line-work. Sometimes I write and speak about design. My craft is the way I speak to the world, I work to help others find their voice and make them successful.

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Nasdaq Cloud

A cloud service portal of the future for software powering the world's largest trading systems.

A vision of the developer experience of the future

This project was created as a look at what a Nasdaq cloud portal and developer experience could look like, creating a home for an entire suite of cloud service offerings for Nasdaq's expansive tech to enable "Markets Everywhere".

Marketing Site

The Nasdaq cloud marketing site presents the cloud offerings as individual products that can be utilized to stand up your own market. We separated documentation into three stages, sample marketplaces that show rather than tell that are immediately forkable as sandboxes, soft-documentation that takes a user through accomplishing a specific task with live code demos on-page, and hard documentation as reference guides with keyboard shortcuts and API keys in examples if the user is logged in.

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The Product Dashboard

The cloud dashboard is a home for cloud users to manage their projects and add products from the cloud suite into their apps. The integrated service marketplace made it simple to add services to projects, and project pages were tab divided as most users we interviewed loved being able to keep hierarchy levels within managed projects to a minimum.

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