CD/AD Jacob Waites

AD Brannon Solomon


LEAD Rob Orr

FRONT-END Conner Hill


Onyx Creative Group


In re-designing the Gabor Insurance Agency brand we were tasked with bringing the age-old traditions of the company into the modern age. Given the Gabor lighthouse as a symbol of everyday guidance, we crafted a badge logotype to celebrate both the classic and newfound elements of Gabor's business model. Providing both a gateway to their expertise as a life insurance agency and also as a financial planning resource.


Another large aspect of the Gabor site was to revamp their existing website. After creating a brand filled with fresh colors and modern gradients, we were more than excited about making a site to showcase all of the facets of the Gabor brand. After some research and strategizing, we found that our target market was essentially University employees. Since this is a very broad age range, we formulated that it was most appropriate to make the site navigable by life-stage of the user, and filter down to their needs based on their University of employment. This approach led to a much more navigable site that only presents the user with the content appropriate to their specific situation, rather than overwhelm them with legal content that may not even apply to them.

Below are some of the page layouts for the Gabor site, feel free to scroll around in them to test it out. Once the site has fully launched, check back here for a live link as well!


When it comes to knowing your benefits as a University employee, things can be fairly complex, and most definitely a little impersonable. So we designed the Gabor Welcome Packet as a way to let people know that The Gabor Agency is always there to help with Everyday Guidance on matters of employee benefits or financial planning.

The packet itself included Gabor's Five Step Plan booklet, detailing the ins and outs of their "Five Steps to Financial Security" process, along with an about Gabor card, and a complete listing of all of Gabors service offerings. Gabor differs from other Life Insurance agencys and state institutions by providing special Open Enrollment periods during the year, allowing people to get access to their benefits faster. We fully redesigned these open-enrollment forms, to be single page and mailable via campus couriers, making them easy to read and much more earth-friendly. All of these items are wrapped in a custom printed Gabor Agency brand folder, showcasing a brilliant gradient on the inside for a bright punch of color when opened.

Below are some samples of the Gabor welcome packet and open enrollment forms.


When you're reading about Life Insurance, things can get a little boring, and mildly depressing. That's why when we approached redesigning Gabor's application forms, we kept clean, fun, and easy to understand language and iconography at top of mind. The result is a one-color packet that is cheaper to produce, easier to read, and makes for a much more pleasurable experience overall when filling out.

Below are some samples of the form, cuteness and all.