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Construction Papers are pocket guides on small design topics that teach designers and makers how to build things better. They're great for budding and student designers as a way to learn about small topics quickly and learn time-saving tools, but also as a good refresher for veteran designers who want to have a reference to go on. The first Construction Papers book was entitled "Merit: A Guide to Making Better Badges", and was pitted towards teaching designers how to design their own badges (pretty much any text inside of a shape). The guides were created out of Gumroad's Small Product Lab, an intensive course in which participants are challenged to strategize, make, market, and sell a digital product in 10 Days. Naturally, when I came across this project I was super stoked, but took it further in that I wanted to create a digital product in 10 Days, but also launch a full print product pre-order at the same time, to be shipped two weeks later. As a result, Construction Papers are digital (PDFs), but also have print counterparts.

What I love about this project was that it gave me a really good view on how to strategize a product launch, create quality content quickly, create marketing strategy to build an audience, and handle customer service after launch. In 10 days I created a strategy, made a brand, designed and developed a site, made a digital and print product, built a small audience, and launched the product. From start to finish, I learned how to launch a small product in a way that I wasn't used to: without a team. In the end, I got over 60 pre-orders, and sold more after the fact. To date, I've had around 80 downloads of the PDF guide, which are some really low numbers, but pretty good considering I only marketed for two of the 10 days and the product was non-existant beforehand.


As part of the product lab, I created a site from scratch in about 12 hours. I wanted to focus on a centrally divided format to make it reminiscent of a book. As such, it actually got featured on onepagelove for its design, as well as a few other design blogs. Since Gumroad launches a modal on remote sites, I figured it was an excellent way to make a static deployment for the product.