ARTIST Jacob Waites


Screen Printing


French Paper - Whip Cream

Acrylic Ink


On February 14th, 2013, I went outside of Strozier Library at Florida State University, kneeled down, and arranged 250 of 528 hand screen printed and cut Bitter Heart Valentines of my own design into a heart shaped pile and began giving them out for a period of an hour and 37 minutes.

I don't believe in Valentines day, because I think that if you love someone, or have a significant other that you care about, you should always show that you cherish them every day, not making an excuse out of one day to display your affection a year. I believe that you have good intentions in taking the time and effort to go out to buy valentines gifts for your girl or boyfriend, but I also think that in buying anything commercial; giving them something useless such as a teddybear; or giving them things that will eventually make them fat such as chocolate, doesn't get the message of your intentions across to them. That is what I believe happens on Valentines day.

With Bitter Hearts, I am emulating this ritual, I hand printed each one of 528 2"x2" cards, and hand cut them out for over 6 hours, putting time, care, and love, into each card to ensure it was perfect for its eventual recipient. However, the words on them, the messages that they will eventually send, do not convey this message of love and care properly.


In 5 hours time, 500 screenprinted valentines were hand cut out of sheets of tabloid French Paper. My favorite part of the project was post-performance, seeing how people who had received the valentines placed them around campus and into the local environment.