CD/AD Jacob Waites

AD Conner Hill

AD Brannon Solomon


LEAD Rob Orr


Onyx Creative Group


Trying to appeal to a variety of audiences, Barineau AC is definitely not your run-of-the-mill HVAC service. Barineau customers not only get same day service whenever they call in, but can also pay for services and manage their maintanence plans completely online. One of the largest projects I worked on for Barineau was creating illustrations for a TV Spot that would be run during the 2014 BCS National Championship Football game. Under my art direction, Conner Hill and I orchestrated a bright and simple animated spot that was made completely of flat-style shapes.


Barineau provides monthly HVAC unit inspections as part of their service agreement. For a long time, customers would be unaware of how much Barineau technicians were actually checking up on. We saw a need for customers to see the value of what they were receiving every month, and proposed the Barineau Maintenance Checklist: a leave-behind for maintenance visits that would be left with the customer showing the complete status of their unit, and if any extra services were recommended. I designed the form to be quick to fill out for the technician and easy to read for the customer.


Barineau has a solid mission, and a strong vision for the future of the company. We created posters detailing Barineau's core values and vision statements so that the technicians could be motivated every day when coming in to work.