A native Floridian, Jacob Waites received his B.F.A. from FSU before holding a position as Creative Director at Onyx Creative Group and Senior Digital Product Designer at Bright Red / TBWA. In 2015, Jacob co-founded and led Foremost, a creative collective that balances working with international brands like Off The Record and the Thurgood Marshall Foundation with building their own products and creating a vision for start-ups like StartMonday, Giemtori, and many others. Foremost works to foster a larger, more diverse design community in Tallahassee, FL by developing more places for creatives and innovators to grow and by hosting hackathons and makeathons like Battle of the Boards, Trailhacks, and FAMU AC3. Combining his passions of Food and Design, Jacob recently accepted a position as the Interaction Design Lead at IDEO's Food + Future CoLAB in Cambridge, MA, and also continues to work with his friends at Foremost. If you want to start a project with Jacob, feel free to drop him a line.

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